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Enterprise Park Redevelopment Plan - Three Oaks, Michigan

Williams & Works assisted Three Oaks Township with planning and market analyses for the future development of a large parcel in the Township, dubbed Enterprise Park. The planning process involved an analysis of site conditions, extensive public involvement and the development of an implementation framework to realize the preferred concept.

Eastside Neighborhood Corridor Plan - Kalamazoo, Michigan

In an effort to revitalize the corridor and return the sense of community, pride, and convenience to residents, the Eastside Neighborhood Association, in conjunction with the “Connecting the Dots” Initiative sponsored by the Michigan Local Initiatives Support Corporation, hired Williams & Works to develop a business corridor plan.

Zoning Ordinance - Grand Haven, Michigan

Williams & Works assisted the City of Grand Haven in rewriting its zoning ordinance, zoning map, and design standards for selected neighborhoods in the City. The new zoning ordinance achieves a balance between the regulation of form in the private and public realm, while preserving a realistic regulatory structure related to land use.

Uptown Corridor Improvement Plan & Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Plan - Grand Rapids, Michigan

Neighborhood Ventures, in conjunction with the Uptown Forward Team, contracted Williams & Works to promote the establishment of a Corridor Improvement District (CID) within the City of Grand Rapids in the Uptown Business Area. Early communication and collaboration proved to be an effective method for gaining maximum consensus.

Master Plan & Planner of Record services - Oakland Charter Township, Michigan

Oakland Township's diversity of environmental elements provides a desirable environment for residents. Williams & Works assisted the Township in the development of a new Master Plan, and provides on-going planning consultation services. Maintaining this setting over time, despite abundant growth pressures has been a key objective.

Master Plan & Zoning Ordinance - Barry County, Michigan

The Master Plan involved an extensive community profiling activity and policy support from a 40-member advisory committee. The Zoning Ordinance includes innovative tools for natural features protection and sets the stage for a county-wide Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) program.

Zoning Ordinance & Planner of Record services - Lincoln Charter Township, Michigan

Williams & Works’ role as Planner of Record for the Township includes day-to-day professional planning support to the Planning Commission. Recent projects include a sub-area plan for the Red Arrow Highway Corridor and a zoning ordinance re-write.

Master Plan & Planner of Record Services - Ludington, Michigan

Williams & Works provides professional planning support on an as-needed basis to the City of Ludington, which includes assisting in the implementation and administration of the City's Zoning Ordinance, conducting special studies, and reviewing site plans, rezonings, and variances.

Master Plan - Niles, Michigan

The City of Niles Master Plan was developed to ensure that the policies and strategies of the city and private development work in concert with each other and in support of a broadly held vision of what the City of Niles seeks to be. Williams & Works also completed several additional projects, including the development of the city’s first Community Development Block Grant plan.


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